Posting All My New Articles On Medium

Beginning five years ago, I began to write regularly, and would post all my articles on my personal website. Then every two weeks (since 2012) I posted an original article on Forbes. I would share all of my posts on Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Newsletter, Google+ (I hear it is good for SEO), and more.

I don’t write to make money, but rather to share what I learn. And I find that writing helps me crystallize my thoughts around things and experiences. But because I’m not writing for profit, making sure people come to my website was short-sighted. I should have been optimizing for reach. Two weeks ago I posted an article to my blog about raising your seed round. About an hour or two later I posted the same piece to Medium. Within minutes it took off on Medium and got what felt like 10x views.

Going forward, I’m going to post all my new posts on Medium (and I am going to experiment with LinkedIn as well). I might even go into my archives and post some of my favorite oldies.

Lastly, sort of unrelated, but due to this experiment and the results, I think Medium is going to be a massive company.



Building Upstream. Previously co-founder of SocialRank (acquired by Trufan) and Business Development and Partnerships at Dwolla & Aviary.

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